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Freight Carriers We Use

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Kayla Lacross
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Links to Carriers to track a Package


  • FedEx Tracking
  • R+L Carriers | Freight shipping and logistics company
  • Daylight Transport
  • Saia Tracking
  • Pitt Ohio Tracking
  • TLS Transportation, Inc.
  • Ryan's Transportation Tracking


Carriers Athena Partners With


  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx Ground/Express
  • Saia LTL
  • Daylight Truckload
  • Daylight LTL
  • Pitt Ohio LTL
  • TLS Transportation
  • R & L Carriers
  • R & L Truckload
  • Local Delivery - This is Athena’s Delivery Team


What the Tracking Numbers Look Like


  • FedEx Freight & Ground are generally 12 digits long
  • Saia tracking numbers generally start with “10”, these also are 12 digits long
  • Pitt Ohio tracking numbers generally always start with “5036”
  • R & L Carriers & R & L Truckload are 9 digits long and always have a dash before the last number 
  • TLS Transportation numbers are known as “Load Numbers” and will generally be 5-6 digits long
  • Daylight LTL & Truckload numbers are 9 digits long and always start with “11”


Learn what to do if you need help finding Missing Tracking Information.


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