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Tissue Culture Procedure - Transfer

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Alexis Medina
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This delicate procedure involves carefully removing the cultured explants from their current medium and placing them into fresh culture vessels with new nutrient-rich media. This can be taking an explant from a Shoots culture vessel to cut and place in another Shoots culture vessel to maintain the genetic or Roots vessel to bring out of in-vitro. 

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The process commences by preparing the new culture vessels and ensuring they are sterile and filled with the appropriate growth medium. Meanwhile, the tissue cultured explants are meticulously examined to assess their growth and health status, ensuring only thriving specimens are chosen for transfer.

With utmost precision, the explants are gently lifted from their current vessels, ensuring minimal disruption to their fragile structure. Maintaining aseptic conditions throughout the transfer process is essential to prevent any contamination that could hamper the growth and development of the explants. These explants are then cut at the points of new growth to further encourage disease-free propagation. 

Once safely transferred to the new culture vessels, the tissue cultured explants are given the opportunity to continue their growth journey within a fresh, nutrient-rich environment. This transition allows researchers to propagate multiple generations of plants from a single tissue source and facilitates the study of specific genetic traits or the production of disease-free plant material.

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