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Tissue Culture Procedure - Lab Prep

Alexis Medina
Alexis Medina
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After carefully selecting and sterilizing the plant material, the next crucial stage involves placing the cleaned tissue into culture vessels filled with nutrient-rich media. Once the tissue is deemed sterile, a final cut is made to ensure that only healthy and viable sections are used for culturing.

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The culture vessels are prepared beforehand and filled with a specially formulated media. This media contains essential nutrients, growth hormones, and vitamins needed for the tissue to grow and develop into a whole plant. With the utmost care and precision, the cleaned plant tissue is gently transferred into the culture vessels, ensuring that it is properly situated on the media. You must maintain strict aseptic conditions to avoid contamination that could compromise the success of the tissue culture.

Once placed in the culture vessels, the plant tissue is set to embark on its journey within the controlled environment of the tissue culture laboratory. Here, it will receive the necessary nourishment and stimuli to regenerate, multiply, and eventually give rise to new plants with identical genetic characteristics.

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