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Room & Surface Cleaning

Alexis Medina
Alexis Medina
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Cleaning is one of the most important steps you take to eliminate pathogens in your garden. Athena ® Reset and Athena ® Perafoam were developed to give you a clean start going into every run. Use the Athena ® Clean Line in between cycles to clean, disinfect, and sanitize tables, floors, trellis, irrigation lines; any hard surface you or your plants touch.

Follow the procedures below in between crop cycles to ensure you start clean every time! After harvesting a room, ensure all debris is cleared out of the room. The room can then be heat treated, bringing the internal temperature to 140°F (60°C), if possible.

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  1. Fill the “Perafoam” tank with Athena ® Perafoam.

  2. Fill the “Reset” tank with Athena® Reset.

  3. Fill the 15 gallon water tank.

  4. Confirm that the discharge ball valve is closed.

  5. Connect an appropriate air compressor.(5-10 CFM at 50 psi)

  6. Ensure all connections are secure.

  7. Point the spray nozzle at a surface and open the discharge ball valve.

  8. Evenly coat the surface with foam and leave for 30-60 minutes.

  9. Scrub surface if desired.

  10. Rinse with clean water if desired (not required).

  11. Disconnect the air supply from the unit.

  12. Open discharge ball valve to relieve pressure still in the system.

  13. Store the unit with discharge ball valve in the closed position.

Athena Clean Line Video

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