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Irrigation Line Cleaning

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Irrigation lines deliver critical nutrients to your crop. Biofilm and scale can clog drippers and irrigation
lines, giving inconsistent watering and nutrient delivery. Use Athena® Renew between runs to clean your irrigation lines, remove inanimate scale, and prepare the surface for the application of disinfectants.
For older dirty lines that have been used with organic inputs, you may need to repeat cleaning several times in order to clear all the inanimate organic particulates out of the lines. Follow the step-by-step procedure to renew your irrigation system with Athena ® Renew and start clean every time.

Athena ® Renew can be dosed into your reservoir with a Dosatron that is compatible with oxidizers.
Other dosing systems require special seals such as Viton and Aflas that will allow them to dose acids
or oxidizers. Venturi-based systems like Netaflex and Rhythm are not compatible with Athena ® Renew and should be hand mixed into your reservoir after the injection system. Dosing by hand into your reservoir is the safest way to avoid problems with injection systems.

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  1. Clear the grow room of all plants.

  2. Add Athena® Renew to reservoir with enough water to fully charge the system either by hand or through a doser.

  3. Open flush valve at end of drip lines to allow solution to flow through lines but not the drippers.

  4. Close lines and turn off the system quickly.

  5. Let the system sit for 12-24 hours.

  6. Open flush valve at end of irrigation lines and flush system of inanimate organic particulate and scale. NOTE: It is important to do this in a manner to not push particulates into the micro drippers to avoid clogging.

  7. To clear drippers, refill reservoir with a small amount of water and Renew at 1-2 oz per gallon.

  8. Activate all emitters and push solution through the system one final time to clean drippers and drip tubes without clogging.
  9. Flush the system with 1 oz per gallon of Athena ® Reset to sterilize.
  10. Flush the system with clean water.
  11. Refill the system with nutrients and commence fertigation

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