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The Athena Reset Foamer is a purpose-built system for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting hard surfaces in cultivation and production facilities. This unit allows for minimal contact with chemicals and unparalleled simplicity of use. The foaming system is pre-calibrated to the exact usage rates of Athena Reset and Athena Perafoam, removing operator guesswork and improving safety.

Simply fill the chemical concentrate and water tanks, attach a compressed air source and open the valve. The fan pattern foam evenly coats floors, walls, benches, and other hard surfaces. The foam improves chemical contact time for maximum sanitization and disinfecting.

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  1. Fill the tank with water.
  2. Follow all instructions from chemical manufacturer.
  3. Fill the chemical container with chemical concentrate.
  4. Fill Perafoam chemical container with Athena® Perafoam.
  5. Fill Reset chemical container with Athena® Reset.
  6. Connect each suction line to quick-connect fittings on the 5 gallon chemical jugs.
  7. Verify that the suction line valve at the base of the suction line is open, to allow fluid into the suction line.
  8. With the discharge ball valve in the closed position, plug an air line into the air fitting.
  9. Slowly open the discharge ball valve to begin foaming.
  10. The discharge ball valve should be completely open while foaming.
  11. While the unit is running and discharging product, adjust the flow control valve as needed to regulate the wetness or dryness of the foam following the steps below: a. Close needle valve completely in clockwise direction. b. Open needle valve in counter-clockwise direction 3 complete turns. c. Continue to open needle valve in ¼ turn increments, allowing 30 seconds between adjustments, until desired consistency of foam is achieved.
  12. Close the discharge ball valve to stop foaming.
  13. Disconnect the chemical intake lines from the chemical containers and connect it to a container of clean water. Make sure that the unit tank still contains water.
  14. Activate the unit and allow it to run for 2-4 minutes, or until all chemical has been flushed from the system.
  15. Disconnect the air line from the air fitting.
  16. Open the discharge ball valve to relieve any pressure remaining in the system.
  17. Close the ball valve after all pressure has been relieved from the system.
  18. Store the unit with the discharge ball valve in the closed position

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