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Pro Line Concentrate Procedure

Robert Schneider
Robert Schneider
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Use this procedure to make a Pro Line liquid concentrate. The concentrate is then used to mix a batch reservoir for feeding your plants. After mixing a concentrate reference the Pro Line Feed Schedules with Measuring by Concentrate. 


Why Mix a Concentrate

Mixing a concentrate first ensures consistent mineral balance in your feeding and simplifies dosing, whether hand watering or using an advanced fertigation system.

After mixing a concentrate refer to the Pro Line Feed Schedules.

Mixing Pro Line 25lb Bags:

Imperial Metric
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Download Pro Line Concentrate Procedure

Imperial Metric
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How to mix a Pro Line Concentrate:

  1. Fill container to 80% of final volume
  2. Empty complete pouch/bag into container
  3. Fill Container to final volume 
  4. Continue to mix until solution is homogenous

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